Get Fit and Clean: Effective Ways for Body Workout While Cleaning Your House

Get Fit and Clean Effective Ways for Body Workout While Cleaning Your House

The daily cleaning routine is daunting to you? Don’t let this overwhelm you. Transform house cleaning into a workout that burns calories! With some multitasking skills, housework can be enjoyable.

Well, it’s time to get fit! Put on some music, and let’s clean! You can do the following exercises while handling duties like scrubbing different surfaces, grooming your pets, cleaning your oven, etc.

1.  Drag With Rags

This technique will shape your inner and outer thighs and core muscles and make you well-toned! It is perfect for floor dusting or other similar tasks. You can perform the moves while batting your kids, folding laundry, or doing your dishes. Step on two pieces of cloth. Have your legs shoulder-width apart and do some crouching. Ensure your front abs are firm, your thighs are tight, and keep your back straight. Now take the right leg and slide it in and out several times, cleaning the grime off your floors, switching legs and repeating the movement with your left leg. Please do it for more than ten minutes to achieve good results.

2.  Wax on Wax Off

Use your abdomen while your torso is up, with your shoulders relaxed. Working hard is the key to getting results from belly exercises. Select the hand you wish to start with, and as you clean a surface, scrub tightly to get resistance. Try to isolate the muscles. Repeat the motion ten times on each side to get the build-ups off your oven hobs or countertops! Do this exercise while you wipe the surfaces around your home, and enjoy the success! Don’t twist your hips, and always stick to the correct position! Get nice abs with this: keep your hips lined with the counter or whatever object you’re cleaning. As you rinse your surface with a detergent, use your right hand and press down to make ten circling moves. Do the same with your other hand. Apply this technique when cleaning a table, a countertop, or a stove.

For more advanced training, try to move the oven aside and reach the backside to clean it. Quite a lot of dust and dirt builds up there and under most cookers. This area usually needs deep cleaning but needs to be addressed because it is a hard-to-reach place. Spills are a common problem that may push you to clean behind and under the cooker. However, the inside cooking compartment is enough if you have a built-in oven. That means you’ll have to squat and reach your hands forwards. Such a workout will be good for your legs, abdomen and arms.

Expert Tip: Experienced cleaners recommend using natural cleaning solutions instead of harsh chemicals to prevent you and your family members from health issues.

Nowadays, most people prefer natural cleaning solutions. Professional cleaners claim that the most eco-friendly detergents are as effective as commercial ones.

When cleaning the Aga range cooker, please turn it off for several hours before starting. This cooking appliance has perfect heat isolation and will be impossible to clean for several hours after turning it off.

Oven cleaning tip:

  1. Reach the heating element of the oven and the fan.
  2. Clean as much grease as possible, and scrub the burns from the bottom with scrapers.
  3. To reduce the amount of similar cleaning in the future, lay a piece of alumina foil on the bottom and replace it whenever the old one gets dirty.

3.  Vacuum Lunges

Instead of mindlessly pushing the vacuum cleaner, turn it into a lunging exercise. Take wide steps forward or backwards as you vacuum, alternating between your legs. This workout engages your leg muscles and helps improve your balance and stability. Remember to exercise correctly and keep your abs tight.

4.  Time Presses

You can do this push-up at your sink whenever you toss a dish. Keep your back and neck straight with your hands on the countertop. Then bring your chest to the surface while you maintain the position above. Go on and repeat. Always try to hold your neck straight and your belly tight.

5.  Leg Lifts to the Side

Here it goes: do some leg kicks and get excellent results. You can practise this exercise while you do the dishes or do something else that will work your inner and outer thighs. This exercise includes your core muscles as well. So, start with a straight position, just like a soldier on a marching drill. Make sure you keep your shoulders relaxed and your abdomen tight. This tip is essential for your balance. Start with your right or left leg. Flex your foot and kick to the side. This workout will help you strengthen the outer part of your thighs. Keep your tummy fixed and your torso pulled up to stay balanced. Kick down and up multiple times on each side as part of your daily routine.

6.  Bath Tub Dips

Improve the softened back of your arms while you bathe your kids. The following exercise gives you fast results. It works as a bench press. Proceed with 2-3 sets of 10 while the bath water runs to fill up the tub. You should keep your hands behind you on the tub’s edge as you face away from it. Straighten your arm. Bend your knees and place your legs shoulder-width apart. Bend your elbows and bring your buttocks down until you almost touch the floor.

Meanwhile, keep your abs tight and shoulders down. Hold for one second, then lift yourself as you straighten your arms. Do this ten times. If you have the strength for another set, go on.

7.  Have Fun

Domestic chores, cleaning appliances and cooking can be as hassle-free as possible. You should have fun and enjoy household chores. Make the process more enjoyable by playing music or finding something fun or creative. No matter what works for you, try not to consider these or other domestic chores tiresome.

Final Thoughts

As your to-do lists grow, and if working out seems impossible, you can stay physically active and fit by doing household chores. Home cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you turn your chores into workouts, you can stay in shape while keeping your living space clean. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by multitasking. So, play some music and get cleaning!

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