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GE’s latest Water Heaters will save up on your bills

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If you own a house, you definitely own a water heater right? But have you ever given it a thought that to shower us with soothingly warm water, how much energy these beasts gobble up. While increasing the temperature of the water, they end up escalating your energy bills too. Its time you take a check on them as they hide discreetly in that corner of the house. Swap them for the new water heaters from GE that will be easy on your bills too. Of the two that GE is offering, one of them is already up in the market. It’s a tankless heater that provides hot water only when you need it. The result is an unlimited supply of hot water, and you can save on about 25% energy per gallon of hot water that it produces. The second one, touted as “hybrid electric” water heater is believed to be better of the duo. Its gets its name hybrid cause it first uses a heat pump to bring the water up to the temperature of the ambient air. Then the electric water heater takes over, bringing the water up to 140 degrees F.
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