Futuristic clothing that comes with a touch of eco-consciousness

We are in a world of fast developing technology. But the technology doesn’t only extend to tools and gadgets. It is also beginning to expand to clothing. Clothing of the future is being designed, clothes that will improve our lifestyles and health. Here are a couple of the most futuristic designs.



Raincatch is a design that comes from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. The Institution specializes in creating new technology that takes the form of useful and meaningful forms. Raincatch functions as a coat and a water purifying system. When it rains, water collects in the collar of the coat and is passed through the charcoal filters. Then it is processed with chemicals to further clean it.  The water is stored until the wearer wants a drink. The water is stored around the hip area, where it will be less noticeable to the wearer.

Herself by Catalytic Clothing


Herself is one of the first dresses that uses nanotechnology to clean the earth. This design is potentially the gateway to an entire new use for clothes. Clothing that purifies the air. This full-length gown created by Catalytic Clothing, uses photocatalysts to breakdown air pollutants. When light shines down on the gown, it activates the photocatalysts and they begin to rearrange and react with moisture in the air. Can you imagine if all clothes were made from this? What a world it would be!

EPA air quality dress

EPA air quality dress

This design from Stephanie Sandstrom is a unique design that lets the person wearing the dress know if the air quality is good or bad. If the wearer is in an environment that does not have clean air, then the dress will start ruffling up. It will help people who suffer from asthma assess the quality of the air. While the only form of this technology right now is in the form of a dress for females, there are upcoming designs tailored for men as well.

Solar handbag Diffus Design

Solar handbag

Diffus Design, in partnership with Swiss embroider Forster Rohner and the Alexandra institute, have come up with a design that combines solar panels with wearable. This handbag in not the first bag created that has solar panels attached to them, but they are one of the firsts to put it in the form of a fashionable accessory. The handbag produces 3.5 watts or electricity from the solar panels. That is enough energy to power your phone or small device. It uses the most efficient technology currently on the market.

modwells interactive system


Modwells are an interactive system that allows you to monitor your health and wellness. The sensor rests at the top of your back and collects biometric data about your movements and lifestyle. It is small and light weight. It can send real-time information to your doctor to monitor ongoing health problems. It can help doctors diagnose problems and symptoms through the readings. You can check up on your health through a Modwells app on your phone or device.

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