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Fungus from Amazon could eat away toxic plastic problem with ease

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We must have talked about plastic as one of the biggest environmental dangers plaguing our planet on countless occasions. It is common theme of most of the biodegradable and recycled projects that we bring forth. The intention is always to cut down on the use of this toxic substance that is spread across the globe and is polluting every known ecosystem. But it seems Mother Nature has decided that we puny little creatures cannot handle the monster we have created and has decided to lend us a huge helping hand.

Plastic-Eating Fungus

This help comes in the form of ‘Pestalotiopsis Microspora’ that has been uncovered by researchers and scientists on their latest expedition to Amazon. The fungus offers something that researchers have been only dreaming since long. While we are trying hard to genetically engineer microbes that can dispose off of plastic waste Pestalotiopsis Microspora can do it naturally. The Fungus feeds on polyurethane and that makes plastic its staple food.

The amazing aspect of this is that it can do so in an anaerobic fashion. It needs absolutely no oxygen to carry out the process of disintegrating and feeding on polyurethane. While most other methods of disposal of polyurethane produce carbon monoxide, by using Pestalotiopsis Microspora one can get rid the planet of its plastic waste in a biodegradable fashion. Scientists are still busy understanding the new found Amazonian fungus and its mechanism of action completely. Hopefully it will translate into future landfills that will reduce and eliminate the threat of plastic.

Via: Ibtimes

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