Five reasons you should only be eating organically grown food

Organic foods are produced by following organic farming methods. That suggests that there are no usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for farming.Organic fertilizers are used to grow better food. Organic foods are also free from processing. Organic food has a lot of benefits other than keeping you healthy. It keeps you away from toxin intake if you take fruits or vegetables grown in traditional agricultural methods. Organic foods also help in maintaining the ecological balance as it does not hamper the environment in any ways.

There are lots of benefits of organic foods. Let us discuss few of them.


  • Healthy and Safe

Taking organic food keeps you healthy throughout your life as it does not contain any harmful toxins in it. Organic food helps you in consuming more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. So it keeps you collecting nutrition elements from the food you take. As organic foods keep you healthy, you will be able to absorb healthy nutrients. Foods produced by traditional methods have many harmful hormones in it. The pesticides used in traditional cultivation turns into toxin and deposited in the food, which may later cause neurological problems, cancer, infertility, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies and asthma, wheezing, rashes and other skin problems.

  • Better for the Soil

Cultivation of organic cereals, fruits, vegetables, crops never ruins the fertility of the soil. Instead organic cultivation restores the nourishment of the soil, which helps the crops grow better even if a draught like situation occurs. Healthy soil is a potential water filter as it is very spongy. Healthy soil enhances the quality of underground water.


  • Animal Protection

Many animals and birds die eating the crops cultivated in the traditional method as there are pesticides applied on the plants. Traditional cultivation hampers the natural habitat for animals to a huge extent. So organic cultivation is always better if you want the animals and the natural habitat for animals remains safe.

  • Good for Farmers

Organic food cultivation is very beneficial for farmers economically. Farmers sell their harvested products under government regulation, which earns them more money unlike the private farming agencies. Avoiding the usages of pesticides and chemical fertilizers also helps them remain healthy.


  • Outstanding Flavor

The organic foods provide the real flavor of a vegetable or fruit. The flavor remains fresh for a long time in organic foods unlike the conventional foods. In present time, a lot of farming organizations are concentration in producing organic foods as they are becoming more popular.

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