Five Architectural Trends of 2021 For A Balanced Design

Architectural Trends of 2021 For A Balanced Design

When we think of architecture, we generally don’t imagine that architectural sensibilities could extend to the residential sphere. We’re generally more used to seeing homes with similar designs all over. However, things are taking a turn for the better, and homeowners can expect to see some incredibly creative home designs. These designs are more than just innovative, though. They take into account an increased need for sustainability and accessibility, alongside the increased importance of individuality. These new living spaces are aesthetically designed, incredibly functional, and accommodating for everyone. Houses designed with architectural sensibilities in mind bring immense beauty to our daily lives. If you’re interested in learning more about the hottest trends in architecture for 2021, keep reading.

1. Smart Homes

Automated systems in homesAutomated systems in homes are increasingly becoming the new norm, owing to the immense ease and functionality they bring. It used to be incredibly expensive, but as it becomes the norm, it is becoming more accessible. Home automation and smart homes revolve around connecting all your entertainment platforms, personal devices, and platforms to a central hub which makes everything easy to manage. Now, you won’t be able to just switch from playlist to playlist with a single swipe – you can regulate your home’s temperature, turn the lights on or off, and manage all your appliances.Architecture majors understand how to integrate technical systems into both new buildings and renovated structures. They know that both the architectural and technological landscapes are consistently evolving and have the technical expertise to bring both together. Furthermore, they have the creative and visualization skills necessary to get an idea to life. As an architecture major, they can hone their organization skills and technical expertise and create smart, automated homes that make life much more straightforward.

2. Ecological Architecture

The pandemic has helped highlight the need for us to reconnect with nature. With lockdowns globally causing millions to stay indoors for the better part of the year, most of us experienced some form of cabin fever, as we spent each day in the same isolated environment. Ecological architecture aims to counter these symptoms of demotivation, depression, and lethargy by offering us a way to bring the outdoors indoors.Ecological architecture focuses on creating open, green spaces instead of a highly constructed area. Spending time in nature can help your body release endorphins, and it can regulate your emotional level immensely. Ecological architecture aims to create a symbiosis of urban and natural environments. It can involve open floor plans with bi-fold doors that create the illusion that your house is connected to the outdoors instead of being boxed off. Furthermore, it can involve smaller houses surrounded by open spaces filled with lush trees and greenery.

3. Kitchen In The Spotlight

Kitchen In The SpotlightThe kitchen is traditionally the area where we spend the most amount of time. It isn’t just a functional space for cooking, but it’s often a place where we connect with our loved ones. be it through making our favorite meals with our kids, friends, or partners or chatting over a warm, hearty plate of food. The hottest architectural trends for 2021 take this on board and make the kitchen the heart of the home.New layout trends focus on connecting the kitchen to the main lounge and increasing functionality. You can expect to see the increased popularity of kitchen islands and breakfast bars, making the kitchen more of a social zone. Furthermore, kitchens need an increased focus on beauty too. Marble countertops with stunning, streamlined designs are trendy, as are increasingly spacious cabinets and hidden compartments, making it easy to store all your appliances without creating a cluttered space.

4. Monochromatic Colors

While previously there was an increased focus on vibrant, psychedelic colors, the tide has shifted in favor of a different, albeit equally eye-catching, look. Monochromatic colors are the newest rage in architectural design, and this trend encompasses not just wall paint but the entirety of the interior.A monochromatic interior can create various visual illusions, which can create immense depth in the space. It can make the area seem much larger as the same color continues on ceilings, floorings, and walls. If you feel that a solid color palette may be too jarring, you can opt for variations of the same color to make them look a little more muted. No matter which option you choose, this trend can make a lasting, confident visual impression. There’s no limit on which colors you can play around with. However, blue hues can help create an incredibly calming, serene aura.

5. Skylights And Natural Lighting

Natural LightingSkylights aren’t new, per se, but they are making a comeback in 2021. Not only are they an amazingly chic addition to the house, but they also serve as a functional source of natural light. Some people place them in the kitchens, while others have skylit bathrooms. Regardless of what you choose, you will probably enjoy the charm of a skylight one way or another. Not only is natural light a great way to cut down on your electric bill, but it’s also a great way to stay healthy. Sunlight produces Vitamin D in our bodies and is generally great for our health. It also positively affects our mood, so if you are feeling down someday, consider spending some time absorbing some of nature’s goodness under the skylight. Sit back, draw yourself a bath, relax and enjoy the sky above your head. Nothing radiates charm and aesthetics the way a skylight does.


With the pandemic playing somewhat of a role in the new architectural changes, it’s nice to see how style and design are adjusting to incorporate post-pandemic trends. The trends which we talked about in this article look like they’re here to stay. What is a trend today will most likely become a norm tomorrow. So, make sure you consider some of these changes for your house before they become common and lose their uniqueness. Try and do your part and adapt to eco-friendly architectural trends. Everyone has a part to play, and even something like the way you design your house can make a difference.

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