Five amazing cars finished in wood

Cars are no more made of metals only. Even wood is being used to make highly stylish and elegant looking functional cars. The wooden finish looks really nice on your floors and exterior of your house; however, if you are a fan of the wooden gloss, now you can get your cars to match your home. Wood is good news for auto lovers because they can be easily replaced and with a little precaution you can take care of your wooden car easily. Lots of innovation has been displayed by automobile engineers and designers in making cars of new designs with wood. In the following five extremely stylish wooden cars have been listed so that you too can make your pick.


Curvy Bamboo Cars

With the rising rates of world pollution and heat, the best thing we can do is opt for more eco friendly cars that can give us the worth of our money. The Curvy Bamboo Cars are perfect example of eco friendly automobiles. The auto engineers have been making advances in making more eco friendly engines for quite some time now and the wooden structures for the exterior of a car is the logical next step.

The Mercedes Racy

The Mercedes Racy was launched first in 2007 in an auto show. All the materials used for making this car can be recycled such as wood, glass, alloy and rubber. Eco awareness among the consumers is increasing and that is why it can be expected that soon there will be more takers for this type of cars. The Racy is superb to look at and does not disappoint the lookers.


Wooden Supercar

North Carolina State University students leaded by Joe Harmon have created a wooden supercar, which looks great and performs well on the streets. According to the designers wood gives superior performance compared to aluminum because it provides more strength with less weight. This fact made them eager to work with wood. Wood is a material which is versatile yet unexplored making it very challenging and interesting working material for auto makers. It will still take some time before consumers get over their inhibition about buying wooden cars.

Customized Wooden Car

This car has been built by using the frame of an old 1986 Toyota Truck. This two sitter car has been made with top quality polished cedar.


The Two Faced Wooden Car

The Ukrainian car enthusiast, Vasily Lazarenko, has made a two faced car with wooden finish by merging two different car models. Half of the car is covered and half of it has a foldable top.

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