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Global warming could cause 70 feet rise in sea level

In the journal, Geology, according to a research published this week the world is still going to be completely different for the future generations even though we manage to keep the global warming at the mark of two degrees as recommended by Intergovernme

Saving waterways from sewage to cost $3.8 billion

In 2011, when over 200 million gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Hudson River due to a fire and explosion at Harlem’s North River Wastewater Treatment plant, the authorities in New York got a real setback and decided to make a significant investment

Handling global warming: Iron Oxides in marine ecosystems

The problem of global warming needs little to absolutely no introduction to most. Unless you have been living under a rock without cable for the last decade or so, pretty much every popular doomsday scenario has linked itself to the phenomenon and rode th

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