Electric bikes get a green boost with Solar-Shell Charging Station

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A few days back we featured a solar charging station for electric vehicles in southern India, and now we’re all very glad to bring you a similar initiative from ABSCo (American Bicycle Security Co.). Based on the popular BIKE-SHELL® 352 all fiberglass lockers, the Solar Charging Stations for electric assisted bikes allow commuters to recharge their rides when away from home. The charging stations incorporate PV (Photovoltaic) panels, solar/cell maintenance free sealed gel battery, and 12 VDC to 110 VAC inverter outlets to accommodation battery charging with solar panels preset at the proper angle to ensure optimum sun exposure at a particular latitude. The system also features an exclusive Card Swipe System that can potentially manage upto 20 lockers at a time and can be easily integrated into customers’ existing transit card systems. The patent-pending solar solution promises to become the green equivalent of gas stations in the future and a great investment for commuters as well due to its low maintenance and long life.

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Source: 21wheels

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