Eco Tech: New Jersey Utility plans a $773 million solar power project

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Eco Factor: Solar energy project for New Jersey.

Residents of New Jersey could soon boast of green electricity if plans of the largest utility of New Jersey, Public Service Electric and Gas, become real. The utility is planning out a $773 million solar power project that would be able to generate 120 megawatts of green electrical power, 33% of which would come from panels resting on top of utility poles.

The project would be able to generate about 7% of the state’s goal of power generated by renewable sources by 2020. Unlike other utility panels that just provide electricity to single items like traffic lights, these panels would be connected directly to the grid. The project would add 10 cents to each customer’s bill in the first year and about 35 cents in subsequent years.

The Dark Side:

The utility is facing problems with the 40-foot poles it plans to install. The height of the poles will be topped up by the length of the trees which would not allow sunlight to reach the panels. Moreover, the panels are not movable so they will only generate peak power for just six hours a day.

Via: The New York Times

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