Eco Tech: NASA proposes sewage filled bags to harvest algae on offshore locations

algae harvesting nasa

Eco Factor: Algae harvesting technology for bio-fuel.

Apart from planning space missions and looking for ways to shift mankind to extraterrestrial locations, researchers at NASA are also developing tech that could make Earth a better place to live in. Researchers at the space center have proposed the use of large plastic bags filled with sewage, which can then be used to harvest algae for bio-fuels.

NASA’s plan is to fill sewage in large semi-permeable, forward-osmosis membranes and leave them in the ocean, where algae can grow using sewage as their food. The bags will provide home for algae and will also allow fresh water to flow out, which would allow the bags to work without any refill issues. The technology is expected to benefit from the location where it is intended to be used. Since these bags will float on water it would not require installers to draw water to irrigate algae at a different spot, a process which imposes additional losses of water.

Via: EcoWorldly

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