Eco Tech: Low water level is not a problem for HEB hydroelectric generator

wave generator2

Eco Factor: Device generates electricity using water flow.

The renewable energy market of today is dominated primarily by solar and wind generators, which come in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirement. However, since both of them depend on the prevailing climatic conditions, neither of them can be really depended upon. The Hydro Electric Barrel (HEB) can solve all your electricity woes, since it harnesses a comparatively stable source of energy – water.

The floating waterwheel generator can be suspended over a river or a stream regardless of the depth and the speed of flow. The unique chevron-shaped paddle treads rotate the barrel on its horizontal axis. This motion rotates two generators mounted on either side of the axis, which finally convert motion into electricity. The generator offers a quiet operation and is much easier to transport and install, and the incorporated shock absorbers ensure that the generator doesn’t interrupt water flow and can roll over debris to provide a continuous supply of electricity.

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