Eco Tech: Air-fueled lithium batteries offer ten-fold storage capacity

air fueled li batteries

Eco Factor: Replacing chemicals inside a lithium-ion battery with oxygen enhances storage capacity 10 times.

Increasing lithium-ion batteries storage capacity without adding much weight or increasing the size of the pack is the puzzle car and electronics manufacturers are working on for years. The increase in storage capacity will guarantee more power and more operating range, something which EV’s of tomorrow will definitely need. Researchers at the University of St. Andrews are hinting at next-gen batteries which have 10X storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries in use today.

In lithium-ion tech of today energy storage is limited by the lithium cobalt oxide electrode. These researchers have tried to replace it with a porous carbon electrode that lets lithium ions to react with oxygen drawn from the air during discharge. The replacement not only reduces the weight of the setup but allows a 10x increase in storage capacity. The STAIR cell, as these researchers refer to this new cell, could be ruling the markets in five years.

Via: Treehugger/GreenCarCongress

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