Eco Gadgets: Wind-powered LED Lights, small yet innovative

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Eco-Factor: LED lights powered by a small wind turbine.

If you are an environmentally conscious person, then I have some green idea for you this Christmas. Nothing expensive, but a tiny 20cm tall light-up wind turbine that uses 2.4″ propeller to power a pair of bright red or blue LEDs. Even a slight puff of air is good enough to propel the 6cm rotor blade to get your LEDs glowing. The creative mind behind this idea is that of UK lighting designer “Mathmos,” who has already installed 1200 of these Wind Lights on 45-foot tall Aeolian Tower created by Jason Bruges Studio as a part of the “onedotzero: adventures in motion” show. A single unit will cost you £12.

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The Dark Side:

Apart from the un-ecofriendly plastic construction and the regular drawbacks of wind powered lights, these cheap lights should be able to appeal to a good number of interested customers.

Via: IDAsia

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