Eco Gadgets: Pixel Qi to develop HDTV that can be powered by a hand-crank

pixel qi display

Eco Factor: HDTV that requires only 10W of power to be developed by Pixel Qi.

Pixel Qi has announced that the company is planning to develop a low-cost HDTV for emerging markets that could be powered by a small solar panel or even a hand-crank. The company is targeting a selling price of just $100, but fails to state an expected launch date or the companies involved.

While other HDTVs consume hundreds of watts of power, Pixel Qi’s HDTV will require less than 10W. The company hasn’t given many details on the TV including the panel size, but considering their technology in the field of E-paper, we expect the TV to flaunt some decent specs there too

Via: SlashGear/Electronista

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