Eco Gadgets: Perfect Flush makes any toilet save up to 50% water

perfect flush 2

Eco Factor: Ecofriendly flush system reduces water use by as much as 50%.

While manufacturers are now developing toilets that either save water or don’t use it at all, Brondell is working to develop means for homeowners to green their existing toilets by making them run on less water.

The company has unveiled a new toilet upgrade dubbed Brondell Perfect Flush that comes with two buttons allowing the user to either use the full flush and empty the tank or use half flush to save up to 50% water.

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The system installs in less than 30 minutes and cuts water use by 30 to 50%, which the company claims will save an average home up to $100 annually in water use, thereby recouping its cost of $99 in just one year.

Via: GoodCleanTech

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