Eco Gadgets: Go Rack OLED light strip uses solar energy for mild illumination

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Eco Factor: Solar-powered lighting system.

Indian designer Abhinav Dapke recognizes the need for renewable energy systems quite well. To answer the lighting needs of urban households, the designer has come up with a stunning Go Rack lighting system, which uses solar energy to provide mild illumination. The Go Rack or Green OLED Rack, is actually made up of two aluminum bars that are tied together with a hi-tech fabric material.

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The fabric is made up of several layers constituting solar cells, OLED lights, batteries and a display. The rack can be flattened out during daytime, exposing the solar panels to generate sunlight. The energy is then stored in the batteries and the amount of charge is displayed on the small display on the edge of the cloth. Once the batteries are full of juice, the rack can be folded and brought indoors to expose the OLED lights. The intensity of the lights can be controlled via a regulator to ensure maximizing the output.

The Dark Side:

The technology used in the concept is too futuristic. The product is not expected to reach your home anytime soon.

Via: Tuvie/Coroflot

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