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Eco Gadgets: AquaIris purifier uses the sun to clean water

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Eco Factor: Non-electric portable water purifier.

Every day, thousands of people die from lack of access to clean water. With over 80% of all diseases being related to water in some way or the other, designers and manufacturers are trying to eradicate the problems with low-cost water purifiers that carry sophisticated technology to purify water and make it fit for drinking.

While most of these water purifiers depend on electricity, which too isn’t present in many parts of the globe, industrial designer Talia Radford is out there with a solution. Talia has developed a non-electric water purifier, dubbed AquaIris, which works by modulating the sun’s rays to UVC frequency, which then purifies water.

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The device carries a series of lenses to perform the task and as water passes under these lenses each molecule is hit by a beam of UV rays, which kills all bacteria that might be present in water. The AquaIris water purifier can purify over 300ml of water at a time and carries a slot for removing the mechanical filtering system as well.

Via: YankoDesign

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