Eco Furniture: Patio Table doesn’t look ugly with PV cells

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Eco Factor: Table covered with high efficiency PV cells produces and stores clean electricity.

Solar-paneled gadgets and installations are, no doubt, ethical, but their ugly looks and complicated fitting procedures can make them somewhat less adorable. However, this new table from is designed with a view to provide a revolutionized way of capturing and storing solar energy with classic elegance and beauty. Unlike expensive outdoor furniture, this table is cheaper, and the surface is covered with high efficiency PV solar panels capable of storing a good amount of energy that will provide clean electricity to your home appliances. The inspiration for the style appears to come from Doric Order Greek columns. With top covered in elegant polycrystaline PV cells and a base made out of a solid, carved, black Terrazo piece, the table has a cool look. The designers deserve appreciation for this distinguished effort.

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The Dark Side: The efficiency and amount of electricity that it will generate is not defined. Furthermore, the real purpose of a table is to accommodate objects of daily use. In that case the PV cells will lack adequate exposure to sunlight.

Via: YankoDesign

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