Eco friendly measures not working for the residents of Pavilion Gardens

Eco friendly homes are always the best option to live in as it helps in saving a lot of energy. However, some of the residents from Pavilion Gardens are not satisfied of the eco friendly measures taken for saving the expenses. Reason behind this is that, people who had taken the eco friendly measures to save on their expenses for electricity are facing high charges in compared to what they were paying previously. Although the housings are installed with the best green and eco friendly features, homeowners are complaining about the problems of continues increase in their utility bills, which have increased since the eco friendly measures have been taken into use.

Residents view point

Some of the residents of Pavilion Gardens are stating that the eco friendly measures, which are being practiced here, were supposed to lower the expenses, but nothing positive is seem to happen. In addition, the residents have even shown the bills of electricity which they have to pay. Some of the residents are even stating that, they have to borrow the money from friends or relatives so that they are able to pay the expenses of the bills which they are getting because of the eco friendly measures designed for Pavilion Gardens.


The residents of Pavilion Gardens are stating that, the new housing society was supposed to be the dream house as it was equipped with all the eco friendly measures, but as time is passing, it is becoming a nightmare for them. In addition, people are saying that, the bills are raking to five hundred pounds or approx eight hundred dollars. After living for say about six months, people are now deciding to sell off their so-called eco friendly homes, as it has become a burden and a liability on their shoulders.

The electricity problems and the high bills is not just the concern for the residents of Pavilion Garden. Some of the residents are even saying that, the water connectivity in the bathrooms and toilets are not in the working order, as the system has not yet been activated. Along with this, some of the equipments, which are installed in the eco friendly homes required for daily living, are even not in working condition, which is making the life of the residents miserable.  Residents are saying that, it was suitable living in the non-eco friendly homes as they were saved from getting such high expenses, which is burning a hole in their pockets.


The solutions

A spokesperson who is connected to the housing society is stating that, the problems have been reviewed and the steps are about to be taken to see the main issues connected with the problems which the people are facing. The spokesperson even stated that, they are working together along with the residents of Pavilion Gardens so that the best solutions can be deriving after sessions of brainstorming. The spokesperson from the Bradford Council connected to Pavilion Gardens stated that, if the solutions are not working, then the people are welcome to get back to their old habitat until the problem is solved.

The expert review

The experts who are connected with eco friendly living stated that, all the measures, which were taken to make Pavilion Garden eco friendly, were supposed to be checked in a proper manner so that there would have been no chance of the problems, which is being faced by the residents. The experts are even stating that, eco friendly living is not just suppose to help the environment, but it is also designed to save on the expenses. However, with the situations, which have been raised at Pavilion Gardens, the problems seem grave.


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