Eco Cars: Stretch – An electric four-wheeler with size shifting capabilities

jeremy richards stretch transforming car 1

Eco Factor: Concept vehicle designed to be powered by electricity.

The latest in technology is allowing industrial and auto designers to think of products that are unique in their own respect. While some designers believe that energy generating capabilities is what can make electric cars need, there is no dearth of designers who believe that traffic conditions need cars that can alter their shape according to the conditions.

jeremy richards stretch transforming car 2

Auto designer Jeremy Richards has put his imagination into a concept car for the future he calls Stretch. According to its name, the car has the ability to transform its shape from a compact city car to a full-size highway safe vehicle at a simple touch of a button.

jeremy richards stretch transforming car 3

The vehicle is powered by rechargeable batteries and carries wheels that can pivot 180 degrees allowing for easy maneuverability. The car has enough space for two adults and the steering wheel folds away to make room for the driver to enter or exit via the front door.

jeremy richards stretch transforming car 4

Via: Michelin Challenge Design

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