Eco Bikes: EV1 – Hi-tech electric bike with a removable engine


Eco Factor: Concept bike powered by electricity.

Designed by Marino Drake, the EV1 is a concept bike for urban commuters who’ll never have enough time to pedal all the way to the office. Maintaining the pace of life without using a single drop of fossil fuel has given electricity powered engines an edge. Designed for the future, the EV1 makes use of electricity to maintain its zero-emission credentials without sacrificing speed.

ev1 2

The bike has been designed with a hot-swappable engine and battery system to prevent you from waiting for hours for a clean ride to the shopping mall. Carrying a speedometer, an energy display and a touchscreen GPS device, the EV1 will make sure that you don’t miss your car too much.

ev1 3

[Thanks: Marino Drake]

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