Eco Tech: Solar-powered Photobioreactor generates biofuel using algae

perth photobioreactor 1

Eco Factor: Photobioreactor uses algae to generate fuel.

We recently showcased Emergent Architecture’s Flower Street Bioreactor that was designed to be installed in Los Angeles. The architecture firm has designed an even better bioreactor system that is being envisioned to be installed in Perth. The Perth PhotoBioReactor will use colonies of red and green algae to generate biofuel.

perth photobioreactor 2

The outer shells of the Photobioreactors are fiber-composite monocoque construction, pleated for stiffness. The Photobioreactors contain colonies of algae that require CO2 and light at the front end and generate hydrogen or biofuel at the other end. The system is based on the technology developed by OriginOil which that allows for continued operation in shade and also in complete darkness through the use of a helix of lights inside each algae coil.

perth photobioreactor 3

The electricity needed for the system to run is generated by thin-film solar transistors that are embedded in the transparent polycarbonate apertures. The system can be placed in different locations as a piece of art, and can help generate fuel for the masses as well.

perth photobioreactor 4

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