Eco Arts: Recycled chandelier gives new meaning to party waste


Eco Factor: Exploded party poppers converted into stunning chandelier.

Parties are often regarded synonymous with waste, much of which isn’t easily recycled or is not recyclable at all. From disposable utensils to plastic bottles and party poppers, there are a variety of things that need a place to be discarded safely. Industrial designer Stuart Haygrath has made sure that the parties he has attended don’t have a catastrophic effect on the environment by collecting exploded party poppers and reusing them in artistic chandeliers.

The chandelier is made from 1000 exploded chandeliers that were suspended on a line from a platform above. The different colors of the poppers make the chandelier look colorful and elegant. Illuminated with an energy saving lamp, the chandelier is a perfectly green way to make your living room shimmer.

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