Eco Architecture: ‘Matchbox’ building lures you into playing in the office

matchbox building 1

Eco Factor: Office building to be constructed from prefabricated “matchboxes.”

Allard Architecture‘s “Matchbox” building has been approved by the Amsterdam Aesthetics Committee, which when complete in December 2010, will house 22 corporate units, a rooftop restaurant and semi-underground parking in the artistic hub of Amsterdam North. The playful design of the building comes with the use of prefabricated concrete “matchboxes,” which are stacked on top of each other.

matchbox building 2

Each level of the building is an independent concrete box that rests on thin structural walls, thereby eliminating the need for excess steel reinforcement. The inside of these boxes will be lined with galvanized steel to allow the occupants to hang artwork and layouts with magnets. These individual units are designed with their own atrium that brings in sunlight, eliminating the need of electric lighting during the day.

matchbox building 3

Via: Inhabitat/ArchDaily

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