Does eco-friendly food exist?

People are becoming more and more conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle and what they put on their plates. Farmer’s markets, organic products, etc have become a part of everyday lives and conversations. So what exactly is eco-friendly food? To what extent can a food be termed eco-friendly?


Does eco-friendly food exist?

Eco-friendly in simple terms means to adopt practices and habits which have a lesser impact on the planet. Similarly eco-friendly food is that which has a lesser impact on the planet besides being healthier options when it comes to consuming food.


  • Eco-friendly produce – Produce is eco-friendly when it is local and produced recently and thus ensures that the freshness quotient is more. Organic produce is also eco-friendly but the definition of organic might get a little confusing sometimes. Organic certifications and labels can help you in this regard. When a produce is labeled ‘organic’, it means that it has been produced without using insecticides, pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers etc.  The best way to consume such items would be to eat it raw , at least the ones which can be had raw and in season.

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  • Eco-friendly meat – Buy local is the best advice we can give when it comes to meat. Apart from that, do not go for meat which comes in plastic. Organic meat will mean that the livestock has not been subject to cages and growth hormones. Again pasture-raised animals are a very good choice to adopt rather than the ones which are industrially-raised.


  • Eco-friendly sea-food – The best way to go eco-friendly on your fish to buy it farmed . Check out which fish are endangered and refrain from buying them. Look for the label of the Marine Stewardship Council to find out if the products have met the necessary requirements for sustainable practices.


  • Eco-friendly dairy products – Dairy animals are also fed a lot of hormones which help them to produce more milk. This is bad for the animals as well as you as most of these hormones are artificial and affect our health later on.

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  • Eco-friendly practices – Eco-friendly food is more about just consuming food which has been raised , grown and sold employing sustainable practices. You can be eco-friendly in the way you prepare your food at home too. Reducing waste and recycling it, cooking local recipes with local ingredients etc at least a few times a week will make you a responsible citizen and will turn any food eco-friendly.

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