DIY Fun-Panel solar cooker for an eco chef with uber green thumb

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Ecofriend has been cooking many posts of solar powered cookers ranging from collapsible ones to affordable ones. However Teong Tan intends to help us out with a DIY solar cooker that, according to him, is the most practical option. In his effort to rectify a few errors of the Funnel solar cooker, he has come up with detailed instructions of his hybrid Fun-Panel solar cooker. Grabbing the best out of Panel cooker and Funnel cooker, his green cooker eliminates all the limitations of these two. All you need is a used cardboard, one short string, paper tape, aluminum foil and glue. And also don’t forget to sharpen your craft skills too.

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The highlight is that you can alter the inclination of the panels according to the sun’s position. Once your cooker is ready, place your pot of to be cooked curry in the center. Fun-Panel cooker can also be folded flat and stacked away when not in use. For more step by step illustrated details, you can read here.

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