Bisynk: A clever way to keep a check on wastage of clean water

Clean water and good health are two most important things that make a human’s life blissful. But, we don’t even think once before wasting precious water and have started ignoring our health as well, thanks to the busy lives we lead now-a-days. When cl

Wolt: An innovative project to harness wind energy in vineyards

With all the talk about renewable energy doing rounds, there is a new project that claims to produce clean and green wind power. According to this new invention, electric power can now be harnessed in vineyards which are generally used only for manufact

Low Floor Cycle Rickshaw

Generally, we face certain difficulties while boarding on a common cycle rickshaw, which is often ignored. But a young industrial designer, Bharat J. makes himself involved in scrutiny and resolution of exactly those problems. It is never overlooked t

Five futuristic rescue systems that are green too

Rescue systems include all essential tools, equipment, machinery and anything that helps emergency personnel such as police, fire fighters, coast guards, military, etc. in emergency situations. These tools, that are included in the rescue system, are used

GROWUP: A smart concept to grow fresh fruits and vegetables

Shrinking household spaces have snatched the concept of kitchen gardens from our lives. Such gardens were a fresh source of raw food and definitely sans a lot of chemicals. Keeping the trend alive, but with a slight twist is the GROWUP that will make sure

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