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Concept for the future: BMW Iconoklast

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Increasing traffic congestion and significant rise in the number of vehicles on roads, made the designer, Jennifer Rosetto, to visualize this intelligent vehicle. The designer had expressed an innovative idea to solve the issues regarding traffic congestion, carbon emissions, parking, and maintenance. Nowadays, people have started worrying about the brand of cars they own. In the present scenario, one has to spend a lot of money to own a luxury car. But with the introduction of this concept, everybody will be able to enjoy the benefits of a luxury vehicle without even paying more. The designer hopes that this concept will suit our transportation culture by 2030.



The designer calls this concept as a micro-car owing to its tiny size. However, the concept will serve mankind in every aspect of travel and commuting. While starting with the initial designs, the designer wanted to make a tiny model that possess an amazing architecture. In fact, this concept would look like a moving architecture when introduced on roads. Also, the designer had conceptualized that, this model would drive itself to the user and gets utilized. This concept will definitely make life very much sophisticated and hassle free.


Like every designer, Jennifer Rosetto created the basic shapes of this concept over the paper. Additionally, the designer used cardboard to build a scale model of the concept, before actually designing it on a computer. The BMW Iconoklast is a three wheeled concept that has a seating capacity for two passengers. The word ‘Iconoklast’ describes the major changes that this concept would implement. The odd thing about the interiors of this concept is its seating position. The two passenger seats are oppositely faced, which means that the passengers will face each other during their travel. This feature not only provides an opportunity for face to face conversation, but also utilizes the interior space brilliantly.

Two of the concept’s wheels are found in the front body, while a wider and larger wheel is present in the rear body. This type of wheel selection will provide an optimum stability to the vehicle. The concept will run on hydrogen fuel, which means that only water will be the exhaust emission. And even that water will be stored inside the passenger compartment for drinking. Every wheel has an electric motor. Though there is a seating capacity for two passengers in this concept, it would suit very good for a single passenger drive.

By 2030, the introduction of this concept may create a revolution in the auto industries because of its operating feasibility. Similar to a leasing facility, this concept could be booked by anybody who has a membership with the manufacturer. Once the user has finished his work with the car, he could return it to the manufacturer. In fact, the vehicle itself would drive back to the manufacturer’s place, where it would undergo various processes like maintenance, refueling, cleaning, etc. In the future, this concept could even be capable of picking up one’s grocery items, laundry, medical necessities, etc., when much more computerized networks are established.

Source: BMW Iconoklast

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