Citroen Taranis concept: An off-road racer powered by electricity

Citroen Taranis Concept

Peter Norris has designed a new Citroen Taranis concept, a two-seat racer car for cleaner highways. Somewhat similar in design to his previous concept, the Honda Chopper, Taranis is powered using four electric motors, one fixed within each wheel center. Keeping the off road racing concept in mind, its body has been kept undersized and heavy motors are placed within the wheels which helps in reducing the center of gravity and enhances its steadiness.

Its raised and somewhat lifted posture makes it resemble a long legged mechanized “Tarantula”. It has been named after the Celtic God of thunder also known as “Wheel God”. It is believed that Celtic God of thunder was portrayed with a thunderbolt in one hand and a wheel in the other hand, which forms the rationale for the design of this super fast electric car.

This car looks monstrous with its terrifying and wild looks. Its double-jointed wheel setup, massive outboard and agile swing arms not only makes it look frightening but also helps in achieving tight turn radius. The interior of the car is equally impressive and futuristic. It has a well informative digital dash board to guide the driver and the aircraft like swing arms steering gives it a very splendid look. But care need to be taken to completely insulate the electric motors in the wheels as they are easily prone to damage.

Via: Diseno-Art

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