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Chinese farmer builds speedy 90mph wind powered vehicle

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A Chinese farmer has made the headlines with his creation of a wind powered vehicle that he claims can travel at 90mph. The contraption looks little like a conventional car, sporting a large fan in front and wings at the rear. What is remarkable is that the creator built the car from scratch with little outside help.

Farmer builds wind-powered car that can reach nearly 90mph

Tang Zhengping is the brains behind the wind driven vehicle. He has had a love for electronics since he was a child and used his expertise to put the eco friendly car together. The vehicle measures 3 meters in length and 1 meter in height, is painted a bright blue color and can hit maximum speeds of an astonishing 90mph. The car took three months to build, according to Zhengping, and works as well, if not better, than standard electric vehicles.

It isn’t just the wind that propels the car, however; Zhengping has also made use of solar energy wings at the rear to support electricity generation. In addition, two electric generators have also been used which, he says, enables it to travel at high speeds. The generators and the batteries take turns charging while one works when the car moves. The spinning fans help recharge the two batteries, which need to be charged every couple of days.

The hunt for alternative transport has prompted ordinary individuals to come up with similarly unique ideas for building their own cars. This follows the trend of increased gas prices and the quest to keep emission levels down. Countries like China are at the forefront of wind energy. In fact, so keen is it on keeping up with the times that it invested close to $30 billion into the renewable energy source in 2011. Five years ago, China had no infrastructure for wind energy, but it’s now leading the world in this sector.

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