Butterfly cocoon-inspired Hyundai Aebulle runs on electric engines

hyundai aebulle 1

Eco Factor: Zero-emission concept motorcycle powered by lithium batteries.

The Hyundai Aebulle is the brainchild of industrial designer Shane Baxley and has been conceptualized for the Los Angeles region, where it would utilize commuter lanes and allow passengers to make quick commutes. The idea has been designed to offer the safety a cocoon offers a butterfly.

hyundai aebulle 2

The suspension leans on turns and the front wheels are placed on separate independent swing arms, which allow the lean to take place. The front cockpit area has been made from aluminum oxynitride glass that incorporates an E-ink display. The concept is powered by lithium batteries that are stored in the floor board of the vehicle, which power small electric motors located inside each wheel.

hyundai aebulle 3

hyundai aebulle 4

hyundai aebulle 5

Via: Tuvie/Yanko Design

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