BMW presents world’s fastest hydrogen powered car

bmw hydrogen powered car

BMW has an exciting project up its sleeve : BMW Hybrid Car. It’s a hydrogen-powered car that looks like a Hot Wheels model come to life! The BMW HR2 hybrid car is a prototype race car only and we will miss it in the showrooms. BMW is also developing fuel cell cars, using the technology of the Hybrid Cars. BMW promises to launch a dual-mode version of the current 7 Series during the production cycle of the present model, thus introducing the first car of its kind able to run on both hydrogen and gasoline.

Let’s take an awed glance at its stunning features :

– It performs with an output of 285 hp and with a top speed on 185 mph.
– Acceleration from zero to 60 mph takes approximately six seconds.
– The land speed records involve a list of eight other flying start and standing start categories.
– Based on technology used in the BMW 760i vehicle, the HR2 also uses the fully variable VALVETRONIC valve drive.
– The car uses a modified 6-liter, 12 cylinder combustion engine for its propulsion.
– Engine in BMW emits only water thus making is one of the most environment friendly car in the present times.
– BMW hydrogen powered car has higher degree of efficiency due to higher combustion pressure of the hydrogen-air mixture.

The concept has developed at the right time as the gasoline-electric hybrid market will be blooming over the next 5 years or so. This is the kind of vehicle that the environment is in dire need of at present.


Via: Maxblog

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