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Retired Petrochemical engineer, Louis Michaud made high-tech mini swimming pool last year. He is trying to shop the prototype across all the companies related to energy. In order to build this tornado pool, he hopes to get sufficient amount of fund.

According to the sources, he has planned to utilize warm air, which is expelled by a nuclear plant’s cooling system. This tornados pool will stretch up to 9 miles, whereas electricity will be generated with spinning of turbines.

According to Michaud, this tornado would effectively generate power equivalent to a nuclear plant. He also expressed, ‘the type of thing that’s outside the norm.’ But, this ideal will undoubtedly a welcoming relief for US, as they rely a lot on foreign oil. Moreover, it will also reduce the growing pollution dramatically.

According to one industry consultancy, Clean Edge, sale of energy has increased dramatically in the year 2006 by 37.5%. Based on such increase, shortage of fuel is predicted. North American Reliability Council has also anticipated shortfall by the year 2015. One of the founders of Clean Edge, Ron Pernick stated that, ‘We are moving from a mono culture to a diverse range of energy sources.’ He also stated that, ‘There’s room for new players.’

Recently, Sony has also made significant announcements regarding the launch of bio battery. But, it has not declared specific date for its arrival. Following the footsteps, two students of Massachusetts Institute of technology have made an interesting project. They proposed to captivate energy which is being generated from the footsteps. They also proposed its installation at crowded sight seeing places.

New Energy Finance has estimated that making investments in such projects will result in 17% annual compound rate growth by the year 2013. Livefuels is another popular firm planning for producing biofuel from algae in pools. Approximately $10 million has been funded from various individuals who are environment conscious. Moreover, making investment in this project is a sure shot success. Finavera Renewables is another energy firm turned to stock market for attaining funds for its eco-friendly ideas.

Via: Business Week

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