Best eco friendly bathroom vanities

Environmentally-friendly bathroom vanities can help safeguard the earth and help us to do our bit in saving our planet’s natural and non-renewable resources. Most of these ideas can also help you save you money in the long term. Today, most companies are focusing on going green as Eco-friendly is the latest buzz. Creation of an Eco-friendly bathroom helps in getting the right look and feel with ample use of Eco-friendly materials. Off late, many people have changed their opinion about traditional bathroom setups and have become extremely conscious in maintaining their bathrooms in an environment friendly way which is more appealing and hygienic as the rest of their home and surrounding. Read more to find out come Eco-Friendly bathroom vanities for that new look.

1. Low-Flow Shower Head

Using low flow shower head could mean using only three gallons of water as compared to a typical shower head that uses up to sixty gallons every ten minutes. One could save up to 15,000 gallons a year per person by installing a low-flow shower head. It also has various features that go beyond low flow like pause button to stop and restart the water at the same temperature and shower timer that gives you an option to set a time limit to showers helping you from hogging on water. Little investment in this shower head can help save a lot of energy for the future.

2. Tankless water heater

To go green, you may choose to use a tankless water heater model instead of a tanked water heater in your bathroom. This will help in reducing the amount of energy consumed by the heater and the cost attached to heat water – decrease in electricity and water bills. A tankless water heater, heats only the required amount of water – only when it’s needed. Another advantage of a tankless model is that it emits less carbon dioxide and improves indoor air quality. This Eco-friendly bathroom vanity can be easily installed and is not very high on pockets and easy to use.

3. Recycled Paper

Using recycled toilet paper is one of the easiest way we can all help the environment. Recycled toilet paper is cost effective and easily available in the market. Visit your nearest home store to find out about the varieties of recycled paper. It comes in different types of quality, look and feel. You should surely give it a try. Your planet will thank you for it. It helps in eliminating air-polluting substances and saves landfill space. When you buy recycled paper, do not forget to look for a label that shows chasing arrows within a circle to indicate that the paper contains recycled content.

4. Recycled sinks

Eco-friendly sink options could vary from recycled glass sink or a copper sink. Copper bathroom sinks are recycled from copper products that are melted to help it reach its original pure elemental state. Then it is hammered and shaped into a new sink. This form of copper sink is 100 percent recyclable. To offer you more variety, companies now are manufacturing sturdy and sophisticated glass vessel sinks that are made from reprocessed glass bottles and industrial glass.

5. Compact fluorescent bulbs

CFC use less energy than conventional form of bulbs, thereby saving energy and electricity bills. Fluorescent lights, including CFLs are more cost effective and energy efficient. These CFLs last as much as ten times longer than traditional bulbs and lights. They come in varied variety of warm and cool white light and in a host of sizes and shapes. You can choose and install them as per your daily requirements at your house. These stylish bulbs are a good investment to reduce electricity bills. For instance one can choose cool white light for undertaking daily tasks and warm light for decorative or accent lighting.

6. Go green bathroom vanity accessories

There are various types of environmental friendly products available in the markets today. To choose from various other ways to ensure usage of Eco-friendly bathroom accessories, you could opt for storage baskets made of bamboo or towel knobs made from reprocessed wood. You may choose laundry bags made of linen or of cane with linen insets. Such Eco-friendly bathroom vanities can be a money-saving option that’s healthy for the atmosphere and the folks living in the home. Other such fittings could include but not limited to holders and storage cartons made of bamboo. Environmentally friendly person could also use inorganic soap cases and shampoo bottles and so on.

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