Amino Acids And Weight Reduction: All You Need to Know

Amino Acids And Weight Reduction

In addition to exercise, proper diet and supplementation are important, as most of us probably already know. But do we fully understand the importance of amino acids in our diet and the functioning of our body?

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are chemicals that are part of the protein chain; they are building blocks and nutrients that play a significant role in biological processes. They perform many functions responsible, in particular, for the functioning of the brain, but also for good muscle function and regeneration of the body; and above all, they improve metabolism and support fat burning and the development of muscle mass.

Breakdown of amino acids

Among the types of amino acids, there are distinguished:

  • endogenous amino acids, i.e. those that the body can produce itself
  • exogenous amino acids, i.e. those that must be supplied with food because the body is unable to produce them itself

These two groups also include many other sub-types of amino acids, but to focus only on those supporting weight loss, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • BCAA amino acids
  • alanine
  • glutamine
  • tryptophan

In the process of losing weight, they are mainly responsible for:

  • regulating the rhythm of sleep
  • reducing appetite
  • vitamin synthesis
  • improving muscle work
  • minimizing stress
  • supporting muscle tissue
  • normalizing blood sugar levels
  • accelerating muscle regeneration after training
  • body shaping
  • adding energy to exercise longer and more intensively
  • reducing the risk of overtraining

Why are amino acids needed?

From the above description of the functions of some amino acids, it can be concluded that they contribute to the acceleration of weight reduction and the sculpting of muscle tissue. However, their most important function is the synthesis of proteins in the body, which are responsible not only for training but also in everyday life, for the proper functioning of the body, for its regeneration and reducing the risk of bone and nerve diseases.

Among the amino acids that play a special role in weight loss are the branched-chain amino acids, BCAA.

The caloric deficit caused by the use of a low-energy diet may not only lead to the reduction of body fat but also contribute to the loss of muscle mass, which is very unfavourable from the point of view of weight loss.

The reduction in lean mass leads to a decrease in metabolism and a lower expenditure of calories by the body. As a consequence, the slimming treatment loses its effectiveness.

The consumption of BCAA amino acids inhibits the use of muscle proteins for energy purposes, protects the muscle tissue and prevents the metabolism from slowing down. It is believed that consuming BCAAs may also have additional effects that promote fat burning.

Supplementation and diet

Someone might say that since amino acids and their assimilation with the help of supplements support weight loss so well, it is enough only to take the right types and exercise actively. However, you must not forget about the diet.

It is often heard that people who train and support themselves with supplements use a starvation diet because the absorption of amino acids prevents the body from drawing energy from its own tissues, which is often the case with this type of “diet”.

So if such a situation in the case of supplementation is not a threat to us, why not use this kind of diet, since they might additionally support weight loss? Well, because, especially during intensive training, sooner or later there will be a shortage of energy material and the body will no longer be able to take an adequate amount of it from proteins, amino acids; will start looking for them in other places, which will lead, among others, to extreme exhaustion of the body, weakening its immunity and exposing bones to serious injuries.

So, regardless of whether we absorb amino acids or not, a starvation diet should be completely ruled out as a form of weight reduction.

Diet and supplementation

Often the opposite is also true. By following a proper diet and exercising regularly, you no longer see the need to absorb additional amino acids in the form of supplements. However, as you can conclude, proteins significantly allow you to accelerate the processes of weight loss, increase the effects of training and strengthen muscles so that exercise can be more intense.

It is therefore worth finding the so-called happy medium in the diet and supplementation to benefit from the training in the best way.

As you can see, the amino acids contained in the diet and supplements are a very good factor influencing not only the weight-loss method but also its quality.

Proteins contained in amino acids are actually a must-have for every athlete, regardless of the level of physical activity, which is why their supplementation is so important, which should not be forgotten, especially when reducing body weight.

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