Alternative energy sources are a necessity for our world

Renewable energy is in the limelight all over the world because it is easily replenished. All we need is better technology for generating energy and electricity from the alternative energy sources like sunlight, water, and wind, among others. Hundreds of government and non-government organizations are conducting research to find the most cost effective ways of utilizing renewable energy resources for power.

At present, the only serious problem of using alternative energy resources is the high cost of organizing the associated infrastructure and initial cost of establishing alternative energy power plants. Still, the belief that alternative energy sources can change the world into a greener habitat is strongly gaining ground, and displaying tremendously encouraging results.

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Sun is a never-ending source of energy:

Billions of years in the future, our sun will die out. However, for all present considerations, the sun is practically a limitless and never-ending source of energy. Sun promotes the use of solar plants. In many urban and sub-urban homes, owners have implanted solar panels to generate power for household purposes. Solar heaters and cookers are also being widely used.

Solar panels are an integral part of modern green homes. The sun is also responsible for the movement of air or wind. Sun is the main source of heat and warmth. The difference of heat in various parts of the world makes the wind flow from warm regions towards colder regions. The sun is also responsible for water cycle. There is no limit on the ways we can use the solar power for fulfilling the needs of human civilization.

Wind turbines in windfarm

Alternative energy sources are more reliable:

Generating usable energy from alternative energy sources is safer. Often accidents take place in the coalmines and miners get killed when the coal mines collapse. Explosions in the oil platforms have claimed numerous lives as well, and also pose a tremendous environmental cost to go along with oil spills. Producing energy from alternative resources is comparatively less risky and therefore more preferred.

In the years of 1973 and 1979, political unrest in some parts of the world made it very difficult to procure fuels in the other regions. Dependence on particular countries for fuels raises their price whenever there is a political crisis. Alternative energy can be generated locally using sustainable methods without depending on other countries. That is why alternative energies are more reliable. Excavation of fossil fuels and their combustion both causes severe air pollution. Alternative energies are cleaner than fossil fuels.


Alternative energy sources can transform our world into a greener and cleaner place. They offer benefits like a cleaner environment, but additionally also offer energy independence and local industrial development to countries.

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