Algae bio-fuel and its use as alternative source of energy

Bio fuel also called as green fuel is coming in news quite often nowadays since it holds the prospect of bio-diesel use in the near future. This bio fuel is made from algae in open ponds and holds great prospect to become alternative source of energy that can be used.

Algae-for-fuel-pic-3Many researchers believe that origin of life on this planet started with this one cell organism known as algae. In recent studies it has been found that it can be used for bio-diesel and hence generating a lot of interest lately.

algae-based-biofuel-green-1Advantage of bio-diesel from Algae

The advantage of Algae is that it grows quickly and you can use your own backyard for growing algae and reap the rewards. This biodiesel can be used to run vehicles and could mean many costs saving in terms of money you have to spend on fuel every month.

algae-biofuelAlgae farming

To develop the Algae pond in your backyard you will just need a few off the shelf things such as PVC pipe, pond liners and covers. Select a location where proper sunlight comes in and you will require electric connection at the location, so make sure you make proper arrangement for it as well. The shape of the algae pond is also important and oblong shape is more preferred compared to other shapes since it makes it easy to maintain the pond properly. After building the basic framework, you need to reinforce pond’s frame by using pipes and after that introduce liner. After that, fill water in your algae pond and you are good to go.

biofuel_1Other things to keep in mind

  • Keep the pond swallow and about twelve inch deep only
  • Electricity for powering the bubblers
  • The pond to be created on level area
  • Temperature in the pond should be about eighty five degrees Fahrenheit

algaeSoon after algae is introduced into the pond, you will find that it grows fast. At the time of introducing algae, you can select a local strain of algae but keep in mind that the algae strain should have higher oil concentration like spirulina, since your main aim would be to make green fuel. After that, your task will be to extract algae oil and create bio fuel out of it.


Algae bio diesel is a very promising topic and the bio fuel grown can be useful for us. Algae farming is not very difficult or costly and you should also give it a try.

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