AI Voice and Text-to-speech Tools: Is it necessary to Boost your Virtual Business?

AI Voice and Text-to-speech Tools

Virtual businesses are businesses that manage all or most of their business activities and operations via the internet. In most cases, such businesses may have an office premise or warehouse based on the products they are aligned with but they will not have a specific space where the customers can visit.

Several companies have shifted to virtual business or are considering making the shift. In recent years, due to an ongoing pandemic, many companies chose to move virtual and function from the comfort of their respective homes.

It can be overwhelming to think of functioning as a virtual business but several elements make it a switch worth taking – text-to-speech being one of them. Text-to-speech voices or AI voices can help improve the operations of your business and employees and also be of aid to the end-users.

How can text-to-speech benefit your Virtual Business?

1. Worldwide Audience

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AI Text to speech generators tools let you create content for a global audience. If your product or service caters to regions worldwide then, AI voice is your way to go. With AI voice tools you can create human-like, clear, realistic voiceovers that will connect with the audience and help in conveying your brand voice. Text-to-speech websites are mostly equipped with a wide range of languages and voices to choose from. This enables employees to create higher volumes of content more frequently.

2. Easy on Time and Budget

AI tools are mostly online websites that can be subscribed to. You can choose a plan that suits your business needs. As a virtual business, one of the key aspects to pay attention to is how and what the budget is spent on. With a text-to-speech tool, you do not need to rent a studio or equipment, nor do you have to spend on a voice-over artist. Apart from the budget, AI voice tools also let you create more content in a shorter time. It takes just a few clicks to create voiceovers on online text-to-speech tools like Murf. This also gives you the space to create multiple versions of the voice over if needed.

3. Productivity Boost

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As mentioned in the earlier point, text-to-speech websites let you create videos more frequently in large volumes. This enables the businesses and their employees to have more scope for multitasking and also higher outcome rates. 

4. Experience and Expertise

In a virtual business, most employees can be spread across different regions. Especially in smaller groups, certain tasks have to be split among multiple members of the team. Text-to-speech lets you do this. Irrespective of a person’s expertise in the industry, the person can use such tools. Such tools are mostly user-friendly and easy to navigate. Enough practice on the tool can eventually help upgrade and make you a pro. 

5. Efficient Customer Support

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With realistic text-to-speech tools, you can ensure that your customer support is taken care of most efficiently. Customer support for different use-cases such as real estate, insurance, and e-commerce has proved to be successful. With text-to-speech technology, you can have pre-recorded voiceovers that align with the regions you cater to. These voiceovers can be different types of messages such as a welcome message or a delay announcement. With such communication, you can continue to cater to a global audience irrespective of geographical or time-zone related barriers.

If you’ve already or intend to switch to a virtual business model then, text-to-speech can be included in your business strategies. Staying within a budget too, text-to-speech lets you create quality content and relate better with your audience. With Murf’s online text-to-speech, you can choose from over 120+ voices and 20 languages. In a virtual model as well, branding is vital. It is important to create an avatar that relates to your brand and resonates with your target audience. Tools let you create brand voices and personalize them to match your vision.

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