Five Advantages of Living in a Small Seaside Town

Advantages of Living in a Small Seaside Town

Having a property by the sea is a dream for many people. While not everyone can afford a seaside mansion or a couple million dollar penthouse overlooking the ocean, unless of course they win a lottery with the darmowe gry hazardowe siódemkiu, almost everyone can buy a small house in a small seaside town. Even though living in a small seaside town comes with many challenges, its advantages outweigh its drawbacks. Below are five benefits of living in a small seaside town.  

1.   Low cost of living

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Living in a small seaside town, you will cut down on many expenses. Housing, for example, tends to be a lot more expensive in cities, compared to small seaside towns. Whether you want to buy a house or rent one, you will always spend less on housing in a small town compared to the city.

Commuting is another thing that tends to be cheaper in small seaside towns. Whether you have a car or decide to take public transportation, getting around a small town is always cheaper. You could also opt for a bike to cut down on expense even more. Plus, biking in a small seaside town, especially in the evening, is a lot more enjoyable than driving or taking public transportation. 

2.   Access to the beach

Having access to a less populated beach is the number one advantage of living in a small town by the sea. You will get to enjoy morning and evening walks by the beach on your own or with your loved ones without worrying about annoying campers. Having access to the beach, even if it is small, you will also get to try different sea sports, especially in the summer.

In addition to that, you will get to lay down on the sand and take a sunbath. While it is not healthy to spend many hours in the sun, a few hours a day will give your skin that glowing tan everyone dreams about. Living by the beach is also great at night. Concerts and beachside night parties with friends are one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

3.   Safety

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Not all small seaside towns are safe. However, since small towns are less populated, they are likely to have fewer crimes. In a small town, since people know each other, it is not easy to commit a crime and get away with it. 

4.   Small community

In a small town by the beach, especially if it is located far away from the city, everyone knows each other. If you are a newcomer, you will easily get to meet people and build new relationships. 

5.   Access to fresh seafood

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If you are a seafood addict like me, living by the beach is for you. You will have access to all varieties of freshly caught seafood. Even if you do not want to buy it fresh and cook at home, you can have access to the same quality of fish at restaurants near the beach. Restaurants by the sea will always have the freshest seafood. I have been to many seaside restaurants and all of them serve fresh fish.

Living in a small seaside town is not for everyone. It comes with many challenges. But if you feel like it is for you, living by the sea will be one of the best decisions you will ever make for both your pocket and your body.

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