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A balance bike that can be used as a rocking horse!

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Modern eco gadgets are not just the ones that are made out of recycled stuff or the ones that are crafted to spread the green theme, but they are also the clever little ones that can be used for more than one purpose. While this may not seem as the greatest idea on the planet which could save the planet from a future disaster, what it does is surely save on energy and making materials. This cute little balance bike can be used both as a bike and a rocking horse. This is so wonderful that anyone who does have tiny ones around will almost surely buy this.

balance bike 2

The cycles are being folded into the wooden body of the bicycle and are used as breaks which prevent from the child to turn over while swaying. It is such a simple but effective idea that not only saves plenty of material, but will also help save something in your bank account. So next time you buy something, just think about how it can be used for more than just one purpose and how well you can dispose it without harming the planet. A toy like this will not only bring delight to those who play with it, but also to those who give it.


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