7 Ways To Upgrade Your Livestock Business

Upgrade Your Livestock Business

If you are running a livestock business of your very own, it is imperative that you utilize methods that will enhance your overall work process. Raising livestock is difficult enough, and if you have to do most of the tasks yourself, you will definitely not succeed. If you want your livestock business to succeed , you will need to adapt new methods of working in order to streamline the overall process. Here are 7 ways to upgrade your livestock business.

1.  Invest On Quality Studs

raising livestockWhen it comes to raising livestock, the quality of your studs is by far the most important. If you want your livestock to be as healthy and productive as possible, it is very important that you invest in quality studs. No matter how much you invest in feeding your livestock, and housing them, if they come from inferior stock then it will show later on. As a rule, it is important that you invest in purchasing or at least renting the best studs to cover your cows. It might be a costly investment because quality bulls are always in high demand, but if you want your cows to give birth to quality cows, then getting quality studs is a must.

2.  Automate The Milking Process

When it comes to raising cattle, one of the most time consuming tasks is the milking process. It is very time consuming because it takes a lot of effort and finesse to milk a cow. The cow might get skittish, or the milker might be inexperienced. This is where automated milking comes in handy. In the past few decades, milking services have started to use robot arms in their operations. By utilizing robot arms for the milking process, you will be able to streamline the process, and minimize time and milk wastage.

If you want to purchase quality robot arms for your milking operations, you could reach out to EVS. It is a well- known company that offers custom automation systems. By purchasing your automated equipment from them, you could be assured that your livestock company gets the best robot arms.

3.  Raise Livestock Of Moderate Size

While it might seem counterproductive, it is in fact a better idea if you raise livestock of moderate size rather than very large ones.  Remember that the larger the cow or bull, the more feed it will need to sustain its bulk. Larger livestock are also harder to house and transport.

If you want to raise livestock that have a more manageable size, you could breed this characteristic into your next batch of cattle. For example there are some moderate sized bulls and cows in your herd. You should breed these moderately sized cows to create a new batch for your livestock business.

4.  Plan Out Breeding Seasons

Feed ExpensesWhile it might seem a good idea to breed your livestock as much as possible, it is in fact counterproductive because it will put your cows in the long run. As a rule, it is better if you plan out the breeding seasons. This will ensure that your cows are capable of giving birth to healthy calves, and still get the rest they need.

It will allow you to raise the calves properly. While raising and selling livestock is important, it shouldn’t be your only priority. You should also make sure that all your livestock are well-fed and well-treated. Remember that the happier the cow, the better quality the milk and meat will be.

5.  Control Feed Expenses


When it comes to running a livestock business, the biggest expenses are usually the feed. Livestock are notoriously voracious eaters, and they really need to eat a lot in order to maintain their bulk. However if you don’t keep watch over how much you feed them, you might end up overspending.

If you want to control your feed expenses, it is a good idea to measure how much your cattle need in order to bulk up. You should also do your research on the best feeds for your cattle. It is also a good idea to let your cattle out to feed. Not only will you be able to save on your cattle feed, you could even advertise your meat as grass fed.

6.  Streamline The Butchery Process

Aside from dairy products, meat products are also another way for you to make money. However if your butcher is unskilled he or she might end up wasting too much meat during the butchery process. As a whole it is very important that you hire a skilled butcher. It is also a good idea to utilize a nail gun, when dispatching your livestock. Traditionally butchers use a hammer to kill a cow, this is too messy though, and it also takes too much effort to kill a cow. There is also a chance that the cow won’t die right away. The meat of a panicked animal usually gets ruined because the animal is in a state of panic. Which means the animal’s body is filled with toxins that usually toughen the meat in the process.

If you are going to butcher an animal, it is very important that the animal is calm and does not experience stress.  When you handle the meat it is important that you wear proper PPE gear. Remember that newly killed meat is easily infected. By wearing PPE gear, your meat handlers won’t be able to infect your products. Aside from wearing PPE gear, your workers should also sanitize their hands before they get started on the meat processing.

7.  Keep Track of Your Expenses

woman-keeping-track-on-LivestockIf you are going to upgrade your livestock business, it is important that you keep track of all your expenses. While it might be tricky to save money when you run a livestock business, you should make it a priority to make a monthly budget for all your expenses for the business.


When it comes to running a livestock company, it is extremely important that you streamline your work process, and upgrade key aspects of your livestock operations. By doing so, you will enhance your company’s chances of success.

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