6 Sustainable & Healthy Dog Food Alternatives to Meat


Just like us humans, our little companions also need a diet that benefits them as well as their environment.

Every dog is different and choosing the right dog food gets difficult because of the health conditions or food allergies the dog might have. Some dogs need a raw diet while others require a diet avoiding the common filler ingredients or gluten.

In the end, every owner wants their dog to be healthy while eating food that is tasty, nutritious and ideally sustainable as many focus more on eco-friendly living.

Current research investigating the question: are insects a sustainable animal feed protein, has concluded so far that insect protein is one of the best and most sustainable protein feed for animals.

The most popular reasons to use insect protein as sustainable pet food and farm animal feed are that it contains amino acids that can be easily digested. The production of insect protein is more efficient, affordable, and less polluting, as insects require less space, less feed, produce fewer greenhouse gases, and are therefore amore sustainable dog food alternative.

There is a myth that only a meat-based diet can benefit dogs,but the alternative dog foods listed here are equally able to provide health benefits to our canine friends. Some dogs have special dietary needs, and they just cannot tolerate meat-based diets so for them, these alternatives are nothing but a life savior.

It has been stated that if your little friend is suffering from chronic symptoms, digestive issues, joint pain, or eye discharge, then owners should get the dog checked and try other dog food alternatives.

The dog foods listed below are allergy-friendly, easily digestible, anti-inflammatory,and help in managing your dog’s weight. They do not only benefit dogs but also the environment as meat-based dog food contributes to higher CO2 emissions and pollution on earth. Avoiding such will help your dog and this planet.

6 Top Sustainable Alternative Foods for Dogs to Meat

1. Bellfor

Bellfor offer wet and dry dog food

Bellfor offer wet and dry dog food with insect protein instead of meat. Insect-based dog food provides the perfect alternative for dogs, containing mainly the black soldier fly larvae (lat. HermetiaIllucens) as a protein source. They contain no grains as grain-free dog food ensures a more balanced blood sugar level. The proteins in Bellfor’s insect dog food are easily digested and their biological value is around 85%. The insects are not treated with antibiotics and the insect-based dog food production requires significantly fewer resources and only 10% of the energy used for cattle breeding to gain the same number of proteins. The waste from the insect dog food production is reused as a natural fertilizer and therefore contributes positively to the ecosystem.

2. Natural Balance

Natural Balance is a dry dog food. It is a meat-alternative food that is designed for dogs who have problems with a meat-based diet. The dog food is completely balanced and has essential nutrients that a dog needs. It is also filled with all the important vitamins and minerals that are found in a meat-based diet. The product is plant-based and has high fiber that helps in better digestion. It is dairy-free and meat-free to make sure it does not trigger any allergies or health conditions including protein allergies. This dog food is used by many canine owners because it is not that expensive for a special recipe-based dog food. The product’s recipe has vital fatty acids with Omega 6 and Omega 3 that improve a dog’s coat and skin.

3. Wild Earth

Wild Earth

It is a plant-based dog food that destroys the myth that only meat-based diets can have enough protein for dogs. It is a high protein providing dog food that is made from clean ingredients. There are no artificial fillers that can harm dogs in any manner. Wild Earth promotes an animal cruelty-free culture. The main ingredient of this dog food is yeast that helps in providing sustainability for both the environment and canines. This dog food is directly formulated by scientists and veterinarians. The food offers additional supplements for improving the overall health of dogs.

4. Addiction

It is a premium vegetarian food for dogs that need an alternative diet because of certain health conditions. Addiction is made with a natural blend that includes oats, vegetables, and fruits. It does not have any artificial ingredients. This kibble promotes balanced nutrients for dogs. All the essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for optimal health will be provided by this dog food. Addiction does not contain any kind of dairy or meat ingredients. It is ideal for dogs that have animal protein allergies and are sensitive to dairy products. It contains a natural fatty acid source called canola oil which helps in nourishing the coat and skin of dogs. This is premium kibble thus falling on the expensive side compared to other vegetarian-based dog foods.

5. Petaluma

Petaluma is a baked dog food

Petaluma is a baked dog food that is made for canines and is also sustainable for the environment and it makes a minimal environmental impact. The dog food is filled with chickpeas, potato protein, organic brown rice, dried yeast, pea protein, etc. It is also free from Genetically Modified foods (GMOs) and contains 28% protein. It contains all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in adequate amounts needed by the dogs. Petaluma is expensive but it is also healthy, offers complete nutrition, non-GMO, vegan dog food that comes from a vegan manufacturer.

6. V-Dog

This is a Vegan dry dog food that is not only nutritious but also eco-friendly. The dog food will have a blend of vegan-approved ingredients. It is made with peas as the major protein source for dogs. V-Dog does not have any fillers like dairy, soy, and corn. It is also an animal cruelty-free product. V-Dog will help your canine friends have all the nutrients and minerals that are required daily. This dog food falls under the category of being expensive. Owners with picky dogs should not load the stock with V-Dog because your dog might not like the flavor, and we think you might know that by now.


The listed alternative dog foods to meat can provide enough protein, vitamins, and minerals to dogs while offering a digestible and healthy food option. These dog foods also help in rectifying many allergies and digestion problems. Opting for an insect protein-based diet in particular improves the health of dogs while promoting a sustainable culture as some plant-based dog foods can cause digestion issues or allergic reactions in dogs. The insect dog foods have the least harmful effect on the environment and will keep your dog healthy and full of energy.

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