5 Ways to Protect Artificial Jewelry

Protect Artificial Jewelry

Do you love buying and wearing artificial jewelry too?

Why shouldn’t you, it offers sparkles and glam at cheaper rates after all!

However, if you spend so much to build a collection of pretty necklaces, stunning bracelets, and statement rings, it makes sense to want to get the most out of them.

If not taken proper care of, artificial jewelry items tend to tarnish and rust not long after you’ve added them to your collection.

Here are a few expert ways to protect artificial jewelry, ensuring that they last for longer.

Apply Some Lotion before Putting on Jewelry

Apply Some Lotion before Putting on JewelryOne reason why artificial jewelry, especially rings, lose their beauty and start looking old is the sweat or moisture released by your skin.

Lotion creates a barrier between your skin and the metal, preventing moisture to get to your favorite jewelry pieces. Make sure that you use a water-based, fragrance-free lotion with as many natural ingredients as possible. Simply apply a thin layer of the lotion on the area where your rings, bracelet, and necklace will fall. You’ll be surprised how it’ll serve as a powerful protective agent!

This trick also works wonders for people who have sensitive skin that tends to get an allergic reaction from metal contact.

Keep Your Jewelry Away from the Bathroom

The air and surface in the bathroom are typically associated with water and moisture. Hence, bringing your jewelry to the bathroom can increase its likelihood of getting tarnished.

Always make sure that you leave artificial jewelry items on your dressing table or your work desk before you head over to use the bathroom.

Paint a Clear Nail Polish

Artificial jewelry,Do you also feel grossed out on seeing your skin turned green when you remove your jewelry?

It’s the sign of your jewelry pieces oxidizing!

You may prevent this from happening by applying a thin coat of clear nail polish on your jewelry items. After the lotion, it’ll add yet another layer between your skin, jewelry, and the environment.

Artificial jewelry, such as bangles, necklaces, and brooches may be kept protected for long by reapplying the nail paint on a regular basis.

Use Airtight Storage Containers

If you love and truly care about your artificial jewelry collection, you shouldn’t be leaving the pieces lying around here and there.

The ideal way to store your jewelry is to keep them organized in airtight beautiful jewelry boxes. This will limit the contact your pieces make with moisture and oxygen. Protect your jewelry from humidity and you’ll see how this simple tip greatly contributes to the longevity of it!

Avoid Contact with Other Products

artificial jewelry items You should try your best to avoid any contact between your artificial jewelry items and makeup or hair products.

There are different chemicals present in products, including shampoos, conditioners, and hairsprays that can cause the metal in your jewelry to react in various ways.

The best way to go about this is by putting on your jewelry only after you’ve already applied makeup or used hair products.

Treat your favorite artificial jewelry pieces with all the love and care you can with these awesome tips! The ultimate combination of maintaining, protecting, and storing your jewelry will keep them shiny and lustrous for years to come!

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