5 Ways that Your Windows Can Lower Your Power Bill

Ways that Your Windows Can Lower Your Power Bill

During the winter months, anyone who lives in a cold climate will see a drastic rise in the amount owed each month in power expenses. While heating your home is a necessary cost, you don’t want to be paying for wasted heat. Here are a few tips to help ensure that your windows contribute to conserving your home’s energy rather than wasting it.

1. Replacing Old Windows

If your windows are older, the chances are high that they may be more worn out than they look. You may not notice it, but your current windows could contain small leaks that allow air to escape and play a dramatic role in increasing your power bill. If your heating system is working overtime because your windows are allowing cold air to enter your home and warm air to escape, you could stand to save money by investing in a window replacement.

2. Replacing Damaged Windows

Even if your windows are not older, there are a few reasons why they might not be properly performing the job of preventing heat from escaping. For example, if newer windows get damaged from an impact or water damage, they could contain problems that are preventing them from insulating your home adequately.

3. Correcting a Poor Installation

One of the most common causes of problems that exist in newer windows is an installation that was not performed properly. It may be easy to physically mount windows in their locations, but ensuring that they are properly sealed and functioning optimally is a different story.

Since your new windows may not exhibit any problems until a few weeks after they have been installed wrong, it is all the more difficult to ensure the job is performed well at the moment.

4. Energy Efficient Windows

If you do find that you have a problem with your current windows and require a replacement, you can help to converse your home’s energy even more by upgrading to energy efficient windows. When you buy new energy efficient windows, you’ll also lower your cooling costs in the summer, given that they perform better at maintaining your indoor climate control. Besides an energy-star rating, some of the features to look for in an energy-efficient window include:

  • Triple-Pane Glass
  • Double Low-E Glass
  • Foam Filled Frame

5. Window Treatments

While the kind of window you install and the quality of installation contribute enormously to your ability to create a more eco-friendly living environment, these things aren’t the only way that you can save energy with your windows. Purchasing window treatments that help to block light or allow more light to enter your home while also giving you privacy can also help you to manage your home’s climate effectively.

If you’re having trouble keeping your power bill low in the winter, the first place you should look is your windows. In many cases, buying new energy efficient windows from a company that can also install them professionally can lower your costs significantly.

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