4 Quick Tips for Preventing Mosquito Bites


Just about everyone who has been bitten by a mosquito has a few common-sense methods for avoiding some of those persistent insects, most of which are listed below, but perhaps the best bet is to keep multiple methods in mind all at once to prevent as many bites as possible. These options range from the simple to those complex ones but using a thoughtful combination of strategies may be just the trick to making your outdoor space more enjoyable all summer long. Here are 4 quick tips for preventing mosquito bites that will have you enjoying your outdoor time in a lot more comfort.

1. Eliminate Potential Breeding Spots

The idea of preventing mosquito bites is interesting in that it isn’t really prevention at all, it’s reactionary. True prevention, specifically in relation to private backyards and outdoor spaces, is all about being vigilant when it comes to eliminating potential mosquito breeding spots. There are many places to look and things to be aware of when seeking out these breeding hot spots, but the general idea is that standing water is bad. Wheel barrows, watering cans, Timmy’s toy dump truck, etc. are all prime locations for stagnant water and mosquito larvae. Aside from standing water, tall grass is also a common breeding ground.

2. Know Your Insect Repellent

The insect repellent market is diluted with various brands and types of products. When all of these brands claim to be “100% Effective!” how can anyone be sure of what works the best? The trick is to do your research. Check reviews, understand the chemicals in each repellent, and check the EPA list of different insect repellents for an objective breakdown of each. This is especially important when considering whether to use all-natural repellents or repellents that contain a percentage of DEET.

3. Long Sleeves and Pants

Perhaps the most straightforward solution when it comes to preventing mosquito bites is keeping exposed flesh to a minimum. This idea makes this list because, whether perceived as common sense or not, though wearing clothing that covers more skin clearly lessens area exposed to mosquitoes; it is also counter intuitive to put on more clothing when the weather gets hot. The best bet is to put on those work jeans, that long-sleeved shirt you wore when painting the garage, and some trusty nitrile gloves, then go out and mosquito proof your outdoor space!

4. Mosquito-proof Gear

mosquito-proof gear
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Of course, inventive minds have brought about many other solutions for dealing with these menacing mosquitoes. A quick Google search for mosquito-proof gear will show a variety of results that could help with numerous outdoor excursions. Want something for your head and neck while mowing the lawn? Try a mosquito-net hat. Want to sit outside after sunset with friends without being eaten alive? Try a large bug tent. When the mosquitoes just won’t seem to quit despite all of your best efforts then simply block them out of the party. And, of course, there are always Citronella candles to choose from.

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