3- Ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency


In today’s world, owning a car is one of the fundamental necessities. You can enjoy long weekends with the family and in case of an emergency you have a vehicle to use. Car’s maintenance cost and break fixes may be exhausting sometimes, but frustration rises over the constantly changing petrol price.

Unfortunately, petrol rates oscillate in such a way that no one can even remember the price per liter. We have the alternate option to use electric hybrids, but we cannot just ignore the roaring sound of fossils fuels. It is not a total loss, as there certain things that you can follow to extend the distance covered from the fuel tank. We have prepared seven tips that will improve the mileage and help you to save some bucks.

  1. Work on your driving style

    a. Driving fast is tempting and you can also save five or ten minutes, which is worth it. But, if you are on highways, driving at 60 miles (under 100 km/h) per hour instead of 70 miles per hour (112 km/h) can give you two to four miles (7 to 15 km) extra per gallon during the trip.

    b. If you are waiting on a red signal or a train crossing, power off the engine. Even if you turn off an engine for sixty seconds, it will make a difference on the mileage and the carbon emission.

    c. Do not warm your engine for more than 30 seconds. New entries in the vehicle market are fuel injected that requires less than 30 seconds to blast the hot air.

    d. Try to keep your windows up. Open windows create aerodynamic drag and make the engine to work hard.

  2. Always use the recommended fuel type


    Manufacturers test the vehicle’s performance with the most ideal fuel type and they recommend the same on the manual. If you see that it is mentioned to use a cheap quality petrol with low octane level, trust and follow the same. However, you can opt for high octane petrol without any qualms of conscience if you own a monster.

    3. Use fuel efficient tyres


    The rubber material separating your vehicle from the road are one of the best fuel savers. So, next time you go to a car shop, look for fuel-efficient tyres.

Tyre with low rolling resistance is the one that can keep car’s tank full for a longer period. Low rolling resistance results in less fuel consumption and less carbon emission. Fuel saving tyres are made with a comparatively hard material, which sticks less to the road and rolls easily.  Categories vary from A to G, where Class A (Green) being the best and Class G (Red) is weakest. During an entire life of Class G tyres, you can save up to 240 liters (63 gallons) of petrol and carbon emissions by 14g/km (21 g/gallon). Most of the tyre manufacturers have released tyres with an “Eco” label that offers fuel savings. We are mentioning two of them here:

  1. Bridgestone Ecopia
    Made with researched material and technology, the brand has released lower resistance tyres without compromising the safety or quality. A smart tyre choice to save fuel meaning less carbon emission. One of the variant from the Ecopia series, EP300 saves fuel up to 4.2 percent as compared to regular tyres.2. Goodyear Fuel Max
    The brand assures that the tyres from Fuel Max series can give you 4, 000 km/2, 600 miles extra as it has up to 27 percent reduced rolling resistance. Built with the latest technologies, these tyres can perform in any weather conditions.

Apart from using fuel-efficient tyres, always check the tyre inflation. Check them at least once a month, but it is recommended to take a look every week.

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