3 Ways to Have a Fun, Eco-Friendly Summer

Ways to Have a Fun, Eco-Friendly Summer

When you have an eco-friendly mindset, compromise probably isn’t an option. Once you commit to aligning your actions with preserving the Earth, it’s hard to make choices that go against your convictions. However, that can be difficult when summer rolls around.

Are your friends’ summer parties eco-conscious, or are they using plastic cups and silverware? What about dinner gatherings? Are they filled with meat options rather than a balance of vegetarian choices? What about other activities?

While you can’t force your friends to be environmentally-conscious, you can always choose to forego activities that are harmful to the Earth, while still having a good time with friends and family this summer. Here’s how.

1. Switch to an electric motor for your boat

Boating is one of the most enjoyable summer activities around, and it’s quite popular. However, certain boats are worse for the environment than others. For instance, giant yachts and even some medium-sized boats all have features that make them not environmentally-friendly. If you bought a big boat because you want to be covered in the hot summer sun, consider getting a smaller boat with an electric motor and shading it with a simpler solution. For instance,bimini tops are an excellent choice for shading a smaller boat.

If you’ve already invested in a boat and you don’t have extra funds, it’s too late to choose a different style, but it’s not too late to switch to an electric motor. Gas-powered motors not only use petroleum gas, but they pollute the lakes and streams wherever you go.

According to Susan Granato, ABA Boating Safety and Environmental Liaison, engine emissions into the water affect the water, sediment, and can enter the food chain. Many pollutants get stuck in the fatty tissues of fish, birds, and shellfish that live in the water.

Boating with an electric motor is better for the environment, and if you don’t have the budget for an inboard electric motor, you can always get an outboard electric motor for substantially less money.

2. Host your own eco-friendly parties

The best way to have fun and ensure you maintain your eco-friendly commitment is to host your own parties. Instead of going to other people’s gatherings that might not be so eco-friendly, start hosting your own.

You can even use the gatherings as an opportunity to educate people about critical environmental problems and offer ideas they can implement in their lives to start living a more eco-friendly life.

One idea that works well is to host a gathering where you present a speaker and have some live music for entertainment. Invite the speaker to talk about an environmentally-related issue and have them get the audience to participate in the conversation.

Play some live music if possible, or have a DJ spin for a break while you serve everyone delicious food. Make the event memorable, fun, and educational. Without music and food, you probably won’t get many people to show up to your event.

3. Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect

While being eco-friendly is important, don’t torture yourself attempting to be perfect with all of your choices all of the time. Give yourself permission to enjoy the summer with your friends and family. Someone might hand you a drink in a plastic cup, and it might not be the time to get upset or try to educate the about the impact of plastic.

If you pressure yourself into being perfect with your eco-friendly lifestyle, not only will you not achieve that goal, but you’ll miss out on some fun opportunities. You might even put some people off from interacting with you if you approach the situation to militantly.

Lead by example – don’t preach

Leading by example is the most powerful way to create change in this world, and that’s important to remember if you want to have a fun summer. You won’t be able to get everyone on board with living an eco-friendly life, and that’s okay.

If your goal is to help others understand why it’s important to avoid using certain materials and supporting certain industries and practices, you won’t reach them by force. Know when to pick your battles, strategize your moves, and let situations go when they aren’t going to be fruitful.

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