3 Best Places in Canterbury to Hop in Your Canvas Tent

3 Best Places in Canterbury to Hop in Your Canvas Tent

Take a moment and think about this, you worked hard and got to the top of the hill, you enjoyed the beautiful sunset and now you have to stay for the night. But you find that your favouritetents in New Zealand has accidentally got a crack. A big gaping hole that is large enough to fit a bear’s head. Imagine yourself in this situation, spending your hard-earned money only to find that all it offered you was a big hole.

These kinds of situations are common when you buy tents from nearby department stores. You think that it might do the job but it doesn’t. If you are going for a long trek, you carry all the accessories and equipment with you. Just as you don’t mess with something as important as this life-saving equipment, you should not also mess with the tents you are buying. One wrong move can cost you heavily. And that is something that everybody wants to avoid.

Stop Camping in Cheap Tents!

The disadvantage of ordinary tents is that they are both cramped and uncomfortable when it comes to user accessibility. Be it a dome tent or an ordinary tent, the result will be the same for both of them. Most campers who have trekked the regions of Canterbury know the difficulty a low-quality crooked tent can pose. Unlike canvas tents, ordinary tents have little to no space for your gear. Forget about people, managing space for your gear is hard in these tents. Besides, these low-quality tents are highly susceptible to leaks. Though sellers boast they are water-proof, in actuality, they are not. Hikers and campers who had a wet tent experience will know what it means. They might be easier on the pocket for the time being, but are bad investments in the long run.

Putting your money into something better will yield better results. So, spending a good sum on high-quality canvas tents in NZ will give you better service in the long run. Now there are many quality canvas tents available out there. In a lush-green country like New Zealand, hiking and camping are go-to activities for both hikers and the common man. As such, there are varieties of tents in New Zealand.

Why Canvas Tents are the Best?

By now you have got an idea of what canvas tents in New Zealand are, or perhaps you have already heard about them and are here looking for more information. Whatever might be your motto, the decision you have made is worthwhile.

Camping in New Zealand is not easy. It requires top-quality gear and accessories to thrive in the dense habitat of the country. And the first thing is having a big, strong, and durable canvas tent. Having said that, a canvas tent is a complete remedy to all these issues. They are long-lasting and provide enough space for both accommodation and store gear which might be crucial to you. Made with thicker material, they can repel water and are able to withstand any weather condition.

Aside from that, due to their unbreakable structure, they are resistant to ripping and tearing. Since they are made from polyester they last longer than any other tents. Compared to a cotton-based canvas tent, a synthetic tent is non-biodegradable and does not tear or shrink easily like the former.

Going hiking in Canterbury can be demanding. The forests in that part of the country are dense. Campers often find their ordinary tents getting torn due to minor scratches. It is not because there aren’t any good tents in NZ, but most campers buy cheap tents that don’t provide what they want. In this case, a canvas tent offers more value compared to other tents. One of them is that it is repairable despite rough tears and patches. It can also sustain more ripping than any nylon/poly tent. Because these tents cost more than other tents, it pays off your time and investment well. You don’t have to replace it and repair it with ease. So, before you hit the mountains again, find a top store for canvas tents in NZ and make a one-time investment. Money spent for a quality product is worth all the dime.

3 Best Places in Canterbury to Camp

If you are living in Christchurch, then you are spoiled with choices in Canterbury. This region in the southern part has some of the neatest and most envious camping spots. There’s no better way to enjoy the summer than escaping the daily hustle and taking a resort in Mother Nature. So, pack your stuff, and set off for these three wonderful spots in Canterbury.

1. Wooded Gully Campsite

Situated in the Mt. Thomas Conservation Park, the Wooded Gully Campsite is a soul-soother for outdoor lovers. This campsite is a perfect spot if you are seeking some solitude in nature. Featuring basic amenities like water, toilets, and spots for camping, this campsite has you covered. Set your canvas tent near the trees and prepare yourself a nice dinner while enjoying the sundown.

2. Little River Campground

Best tents like canvas tent in NZ provides you with comfort and safety. Similarly, best sites like Little River Campground are fan favorites because they provide you with the best camping experience. Kiwi islanders will know what this site means to them. Featured with both powered and non-powered camping sites, this place has built a reputation for both Gen-Z and the oldies. Plus, it has cabins in case you don’t feel like ‘roughing it.’

If you are bringing kids this is a perfect haven for them. From slippery mudslides to massive tree swings, it has all to let your child enjoy the beauty of nature. This is a great site for first-timers and if you are one of them, then this should be on your bucket list.

3. Rakaia Gorge Camping ground

Are you looking for a spot to set up your new canvas tent in NZ? Do you love views of rivers and hills? If that’s what you are searching for, then close your eyes and land yourself in Rakaia Gorge campground. The campground is located next to the roaring Rakaia river. With plenty of sites and gorgeous views of the streaming river, you can be assured of a holiday well spent. Basic facilities like tables and toilets are readily available. However, if you want a refreshing dip, just a few minutes’ walk will take you to the cool waters of Rakaia.

Benefits of Canvas Tents

Now that you know about the best camping spots in Canterbury, you might have already hurried off to buy that latest canvas tent in NZ. But wait! Consider this, why only canvas tents? And why not any other tents in NZ? This might seem puzzling at first, but it is not so. To make it clearer you will see why the best campers, and in general any outdoor man, shell out bucks for a canvas tent despite other quality tents in NZ.

●Reliable Material and advantages

This is a big one! Everyone first looks at what the tent is made up of. Initially, canvas tents were made of cotton, but with time manufacturers have shifted from an all-cotton product to a strong and effective mix between cotton and nylon. This combination is deadly and contains all the positives of both the materials making it a top notch for any campers.

●Cooler than you expected

Temperatures in New Zealand can change without you noticing it. While this may give you a sense of belonging to the ever-changing mood of nature. Things can quickly get messy, with altering temperatures. And more so, if you are sleeping in an ordinary tent bought from a local store selling tents in NZ. With increasing temperatures, camping may become difficult, however, a canvas tent is a lifesaver in this regard. Since these tents are made up of polyester, they can soak temperature well and maintain an overall neutral indoor temperature. This makes it cooler and saves you from taking occasional dips into the nearby river.

●Durable and easily portable

The best of all. You can carry it around wherever you want. Light, durable and press-resistant, call it what you want, having a canvas tent is the best thing any hiker or camper can expect.

What’s next…

There you go! Now that you are aware of the benefits of having a canvas tent, what’s your plan? Have you decided where you are going next?  Going to Canterbury can be a fruitful experience. If you are already living there or plan to visit the grassy plains in the near future, make sure that you take all safety precautions before heading in. It is known that canvas tents can serve multiple purposes in our lives. From hunting in the wild to camping in a dense part of this southern island. It has something for everyone. There are a lot of stores around Canterbury and Christchurch offering fine-quality canvas tents in NZ. However, with so many choices one can easily get lost in their own choices. One thing you can do is hit the nearest store for tents in NZ and ask about the latest trending canvas tents.

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