3 Amazing Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Amazing Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Energy is everything. We depend on it for our mere survival. We have become so dependent on energy that in a bid to keep it to ourselves, we turn a blind eye to the tragedy we leave behind in its conquest. Now, these non-renewable forms of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, gas and coal – which offers us survival on a day to day basis – are running out. As such, we now need to look towards better, renewable alternatives to fossil fuels to sustain ourselves in the longer run.

No matter how much or how little attention you pay to climate change, there seem to be more and more moments lately when it becomes impossible to ignore the harsh reality of what we’re facing. 2019 is no exception. We need to raise awareness that fossil fuels can no longer be used and must be left in the ground.

Neutrino Energy

With the help of Solar power, wind energy and Neutrino Energy, fossil fuels days have come to an end. This Video, titled STOP FOSSIL FUEL USAGE, visualizes reality and inspires young and old to help enforce green energy!

Neutrinos are energy particles, that continuously hit upon the Earth’s atmosphere – unseen, unfelt, but highly impactful. These particles are unseen to the eye, but they are in a constant contact with all material objects on this planet – scientists believe that about a billion of these ‘ghost particles’ make contact with small solid surface every single second. Since these particles contain mass, this shows that neutrinos can be converted into energy.

Scientist TakaakiKajita from Japan and physicist Arthur McDonald from Canada have been instrumental in finding this source of inexhaustible energy that does not depend on sunlight, does not contain pollutants, need no transport or mining, and operates all day throughout the year on Earth.

Solar Energy

Solar EnergyOne of the most efficient forms of renewable energy, this one takes its power directly from the Sun to generate electricity. This means, you are no longer burning fossil fuels in order to power your house, office, or vehicles.

Many countries around the world have already began harnessing the power of solar energy. And more research is being carried out on the same. So, it won’t be surprising if a decade down the line, most of us are found relying on this amazing source of electricity and power in our lives.

Wind Energy

Wind EnergyA form of solar energy, wind energy uses the power of wind to generate electricity. Wind turbines work constantly to turn kinetic energy into mechanical energy, which is then converted by a generator into electricity.

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground is possible if we have alternatives like the wind turbines, which helps us survive by creating electricity, but not at the cost of the environment around us.

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